you're one of these fish btw



this page is gonna be a whole bunch of stuff and it'll always be a work in progress as i continue my html journey :)

to do list:

here's a broken link which i'll add smthin to later lol

Site Update Log:


fixed the color error in this update log and changed the text size


i changed a couple of things about the layout and added this background (by joshua shortridge). the text is a little messy and not legible bc of the color but i'm gonna stop for the day because my hand hurts lol.


fucked around with the collection page to figure out what i want my whole page's side bar to look like. also reorganized my stamps so they look better together.


started working on a collection page for stamps and thingz. I'm still trying to figure out how i want to use this site~


updated a whole lot of things! i alligned the navigation area and main area, added cursor, changed some colors, fonts, divider boxes, added that fish picture up top, added those special symbols in the update dates, updated the "link not found" page, and added this fish to the browser title!


added css stuff, added icon, text, learned color changing, updated title, added border, added list, added this scroll box, added japanese text


made neocities site and chose fishbonez as my site name :)